Man cam 4 free videos

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Man cam 4 free videos

Her brother had graduated from high school and wanted to go to a trade school and perhaps work for Com Ed one day, she said."We just want answers — the truth," she said.

(Anthony Souffle / Chicago Tribune) Shooting victim Paul O'Neal's sister Briana Adams, 22, briefs the news media Aug.

(Phil Velasquez / Chicago Tribune) Protestesters disrupt a news conference called by Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson at police headquarters Aug.

(Phil Velasquez / Chicago Tribune) Videos from the fatal shooting of Paul O'Neal by Chicago police show a succession of apparent procedural errors, including police firing at a fleeing vehicle with other officers in harm's way and an admission by the officer who believed he fired the fatal shot that he had no idea whether the 18-year-old was armed.

The officer who believed he had fired the fatal shot initially thought shots had been fired at his police car from the speeding Jaguar when it actually came from officers down the street shooting toward the Jaguar.

A Jaguar rolls toward a police SUV on a leafy Chicago street, passing between the SUV and a parked car, striking one.

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Acting with uncharacteristic swiftness, Chicago officials on Friday made public nine video clips in all. release, the head of the Chicago police oversight agency called the video footage "shocking and disturbing" and said her heart went out to O'Neal's family.